One of the strengths of our product Penelope CAD (for both Dobby and Jacquard) is the high quality and realism of the simulation. We offer you a set of tools that will enable you to use the simulations as a promotional instrument to sell your designs.

marketing tools penelope cad

Because it is not only about showing simulations or sending files via email, but also about properly presenting your collection, make it attractive by following the marketing standards of the company and even customize the presentations depending on your client’s needs.

Atrezzo, Presentations & ShowRoom

And we can still go further: we can make your client have direct access, through the Internet, to the samples and presentations that you have prepared for them, without printing, with no costs nor delivery deadlines and with all the quality of Penelope simulation.

  • Design your presentations including simulations, logos, design data and bar codes directly from your Penelope.

  • Show your designs in their environment and in real size using our software “mapping 3D”

  • Select a presentation format and create in one click all the combinations with the samples you want.

  • Create your collection folders with Penelope with no need to use an extra image processing software.

  • Save time and costs designing and printing all your presentations from Penelope.

  • Give your clients direct access to their exclusive designs via Internet.

  • Allow your clients to play with the colors and create their own variations online and directly connected with the Penelope database.

  • Let your agents show all your collection online, always up to date and including the latest news without sampling costs.

  • Show your stock products on the Internet to empower sales.

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