Integration & Connectivity

Nowadays one of the biggest challenges of companies is saving time.

For more than 30 years we have been helping our clients to connect their CAD design to the management system of the company. We know that most of the design information is also useful for other departments.

Reader & Server

We have designed a set of tools that will enable you to integrate and share the information among the different departments of your company (management system, design, sales, marketing, production, online sales, etc.), automatizing processes, optimizing time and avoiding human mistakes.

The integration of these products is linked to customized software developments. We know that the complete satisfaction of our clients involves adapting our product to their needs and so we offer it.

  • Transfer the information of your collection to your ERP system. Just one click and without manual work.

  • Send the new yarns automatically from your ERP to your CAD system.

  • Send the production order from the ERP creating the technical datasheet and the needed production files.

  • Attach the design simulation to the PLM, ERP or the company intranet.

  • Attach the design simulation to any production file to avoid errors.

  • Automatize the orders confirmations and simulations of the selected design.

  • Create your virtual store room with the availability information from the ERP.

  • Help your e-commerce attaching all the design related information.

  • Organize and manage your Jacquard loom room sending your design to the loom requested.

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