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Penelope Jacquard is the most complete, versatile and user-friendly software to design all types of fabrics that use Jacquard technology, including terry.

It has been designed to make your work easier. It offers a powerful set of tools for each part of the fabric design process: from the creation and edition of the images and graphs, and the weaves and technical data application of the fabric, to the loom file generation and, of course, the best rated hyper-realistic simulation in the market.

Our Penelope Image module offers all the required drawing tools to capture your creativity into an image or, if you prefer, directly into a graph.

jacquard pro penelope cad
jacquard pro penelope cad
  • Colors to draw? The color palette is customizable, allowing you to increase it with as many colorways as you wish.

  • Do you want to design with the colors of the yarns? You can access the colorset so easily and use the colors of the yarns in the image and graph with no need to leave the Penelope Image module.
  • Create multidensity areas, in warp and weft, directly from the graph without interrupting the design process.

  • Easily create and edit the multidensity graphs, define areas, densities, sizes and the warp and weft sequences.

  • Do you want to draw using layers? You can create layers from the image patterns or pasting them from the pattern library of your database.

  • From the pattern library, drag and drop predesigned images and Penelope Image will automatically convert the image into a graph with the image parameters, keeping the proportion factor and with the most accurate details of the original image.

  • Design with the float cutting effect? Define the areas where you want to apply this effect and the float length and Penelope Image will do the rest.

  • Do you design in vectorial format? Penelope easily imports vectorial files directly to the graph.

  • Manage the weft layout assigning the identifiers from the graph.

Once the graph is ready, it is time to start with the technical work with Penelope Jacquard.

jacquard cad penelope
  • Browse the universe of colors, select the ones you require and create a colorset. You can also add them by means of a colorimeter, simplifying the process, saving time and obtaining a high percentage of reliability.

  • Create and edit all types of yarns, plains, moulines, melanges, printed, and fancy effects such as xenille, slub, boucle, neps, ets.

  • How can I introduce my weaves? Out of the box, Penelope Jacquard has more than 3.500 basic weaves that you can use to easily and automatically create collections of complex weaves depending on the article you are creating. You can also scan your own weaves and add them: only 3 clicks and they will be ready to be used in Penelope.

  • Generate simulations of weaves from base qualities and assign them to a fabric.

  • Assign weaves to a graph just dragging them from the database explorer and dropping them in the assignment table. Choose it within your collections of weaves that can be previewed as a list or in graphical format. You can also assign weaves automatically depending on the graph RGB from the simulations generated in a base quality.

  • The automatic float cutting tool will enable you to eliminate all the imperfections at the graph borders.
  • Create and edit the warp and weft layouts easily, create degrade effects, define symmetries, group areas, add or delete yarns, fill areas, define identifiers with empty wefts.

  • Automatically generate colorways.

  • Customize your technical data sheet.

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