Albini Group strive to continue a legacy built over 140 years ago,that of creating the most beautiful fabrics in the world.

Each year more than 20,000 fabrics are created by the designers of the Albini Group to anticipate and satisfy the requirements of the most demanding customers in the world.

Precious fabrics, even the finest, achievable thanks to over 140 years of textile experience, combined with a unique creative vision, and considered for different occasions of use.


Producing fabrics of the highest level makes you adopt the same approach in terms of efficiency, quality and support during the search of the partner for the design department.


Albini Group, worldwide leader of excellence in the of shirt fabric production, has chosen several years ago to provide our design & creation department with an advanced and reliable CAD software: Penelope Dobby Pro.

During these years, they have been able to appreciate the reliability of the product and quality of the online support service. The error issues have always been dealt properly, and with the support of their IT department resolved efficiently.

Due to continuous innovation presented in Penelope Dobby Pro we can serve our customers in the best way, thanks to Informatica Textil for their professionalism.

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