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C.C & Co. Srl


Grandate ( Como ), Italy, 22 April 2013
C.C & Co. Srl is one of the most active converters in the Como area, every year we provide to our customer hundreds of new designs with new exciting colors and weave effects.
Our internal design department is listening to all of the request made by our trusted customer and using a high quality CAD/CAM software, Penelope Jacquard Professional, provided to us by Informatica Textil SL,, is making their wishes a real tie, as they have thought originally.
We have decided to change our historical CAD software and choose for Penelope for several important reasons like,
-       High quality software level, with smart and new functionalities.
-       The software developer listen to the request and made them a real item in a reasonable time.
-       Always able to help and to understand where our problems are.
-       High quality and fast online help desk service directly from the headquarter in Barcelona.
-       Reliable conversion software for our big historical archive.
We are 100% happy with our choice and we are confident enough to recommend the same choice to other companies that need to find a better software partner.
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Schmitz-Werke GmbH + Co. KG


Since more than ten years already we work with the CAD-System Penelope from Informàtica Tèxtil. We are specialized in the production of sunblind-textiles, flame-resistant decoration fabrics and curtains, technical textiles for diverse purposes as well as furnishing fabrics for indoor and outdoor. That is why we us both Penelope Dobby Pro and Atrezzo 3D.  
Penelope is being used daily in our office for new developments of different weaving patterns as well as the administration of master data. For optimal adaption of the system to our production-related processes, various customer-specific modifications have been done in the program, amongst others the visualization of warp-print-patterns has been made possible, a special plug-on-instruction was developed as well as interfaces to technical mechanisms like the drawing-in machine, warping-machine and production-planning system.
Not only interfaces to the production-planning-system as well as to the machines are indispensable for us but also the construction tools and especially the realistic fabric simulations. The fabric simulations are so important for us because they can deliver a quick visual impression of the design. Furthermore we also send simulations to our clients so they can gain insight to the actual developments of the designs. Generally the customer decides on the basis of CAD-prints, if a weaving-pattern should be produced.
The matter of color calibration is indispensable for the design process to work as colorfast as possible. With high technical effort we have calibrated all our devices, printers and monitors. Informàtica Tèxtil made it possible for us to implement the color profiles used by us in Penelope. Therefor the results are very satisfying and we could increase efficiency in the design process.  
Of particular importance for us is the German-speaking customer support because many incidents and requests can be very complex and it is easier to explain them in your own mother language. The support always works promptly and tries to offer solutions as fast as possible. The cooperation works really well.
May 2013/Design studio Schmitz-Werke  

Manufacturas Saycars, a Company mainly dedicated to the design of menswear; shirts and suits collections are developed by using some of the programs offered by Informática Textil S. L., we can both develop our creativity and transmit the information to our clients and suppliers in an effective way.
Penelope Design and Atrezzo3D, two essential tools we have been using in the last six seasons to introduce the collections to our clients.
The main aspect of these programs is the realism and authenticity they confer to the representation, textures and printings; these essential tools support our sales team with those options which are not represented in our samples and become the best way to transmit the information of the new designs to our suppliers.
These tools have an easy and intuitive use, and they offer new proposals of designs and colors because of the multiple finishing options, qualities and representations.
Their technical department support helps us to solve the most complicated designs, getting true representations to the reality and original idea, and discovering new possibilities together.

Maalbi 1947 Manifatture Alto Biellese

Maalbi is a leading and higly specializied company in the production of scarves and stoles made with the best wool, cashmere, silk, linen and modal. We have introduced in our offices Penelope Dobby Professional two years ago and from since then we use the software to create new designs, samples and colourways.

The easy to use and high quality of the Penelope simulation process could offer us great flexibility and realism in creating colourways and designs without going in the production phase end today we are using that technology in our daily procedures. Thanks of this we are flexible with our customers, we can show many designs in lot of color variations in a short time and with a high quality.
We also have linked Penelope with our existing software installations, this has been made thanks to interfaces developed together with the Penelope developpers.
The helpdesk and remote support of Informatica Textil has helped us in the introduction phase with the little problems we were facing daily and today we are happy to have an efficient remote service that is helping us when needed

Studio Crugnola

 Crugnola is a design studio highly specialized in giving consulting services and supplying designs to the best producers of shirt fabrics in the whole world and we are using to give the best service possible to our customers two licenses of Penelope Dobby Professional and one of Penelope Jacquard Professional that we have bought in 2012.

We are using the software daily to create designs and whole collection in order to give the best possible service to our customers. The simulation that is easy to use and really realistic is used as “ virtual loom “ to give the final aspect of our creation at the customers; we like also the possibility to create and study weaves easily in both the application we have and as per today Penelope is one of the fundamental pieces that we use to create our business and success.
We were able to build a nice interface with the existing software installation and we believe that a software porting of Penelope also for the Apple world will improve this.
Penelope is giving us a very efficient and always available service of helpdesk end remote service.


 Texital is from more than 60 years one of the more important reality and a reference in the upholstery industry. Our quality and the research of new quality of materials are the winning points of our success strategy with the most important customer of the market.

Our production, made with jacquard and plain looms is focused on micro effects and on larger designs enriched with combination of fantasy yarns and the mix of fantasy and classical yarns both with natural and synthetic fibers; the structure and the hands of our fabrics that is highly connected with how we use yarns has been a problem for every CAD system we wanted to use in the past.
With Penelope and their Penelope Jacquard Professional program two years ago we have started a developing, acquisition and simulation process of all the yarns in our sample books in combination with the software engineers in Barcelona. The result are highly encouraging and we are sure the it will go better and better in the future.
Thanks to this results we are able to create a visual archive of all our articles. This info’s are linked  with the technical information needed to create a cost of the fabric and all is needed in the production area, and not less important this is decreasing our sample costs by giving us the possibility to make a first choice of the articles that will be physically woven after the first approval.
We are working also in the commercial area in order to teach our customer to use the printed simulation or the video presentation to reduce the sample cost and waiting time of their selected nuances.


We can proudly look back on more than 100 years of successful history in producing shirting fabrics.

36 million meters of cotton thread, transformed into warp and weft for more than 90,000 meters of fabric in more than 2300 variants: these are our daily numbers. To produce these numbers day after day requires an organization and technique of great complexity and efficiency. A whole set of refined technologies, guided by a team with high skills and excellence make textile design an applied art.

Eight thousand variations of fabric, updated for every collection requires creativity and far-sightedness, strong personality and group spirit. Simplicity and elegance, naturalness and innovation are the distinguishing traits of “made in Italy” to guarantee optimum performance.

The determination to make the best product and to have the best production process requires a continuous activity of improvement by supplying the best in technology and collaboration inside and outside the company. Research and development are there for constantly applied in all sectors. From the planning and maintenance of the looms to dyeing and colorimetry; from the computerized management of every phase of the process and from the conception to the realization of sample collections.

These are the reasons why we decided to count on the software from Penelope CAD systems already since 2008. Penelope is the perfect completion for our high standard in perfection thanks to its professionality, efficiency and continuous software development and improvement as well as many particular software modifications. Since working with Penelope we can easily export data, create collection folders in one unique shared database, used at the same time in Italy and our production plants in India and Czech Republic. 

Thanks to Penelope CAD systems we could optimize our production processes and increase efficiency.

Giuliano Dal Brun - C.I.O. Monti Group


  Crevin is a family company that has been dedicated to the production and marketing of upholstery fabrics since 1976.

Crevin is a totally vertical company, from product development to weaving, finishing and marketing, with a constant quality control over all production stages as evidenced under the ISO 9001 and 14001 certifications.

Our Design and Development team is daily working with the Penelope CAD system for the yarn design, Dobby fabrics design and Jacquard fabrics design. The department has been working with Penelope CAD system for the last seven years, but some of our technical have been using it for a long time.

We use to simulate all new collections on the screen computer or by prints before going to make loom trials, so we reduce considerably the time and cost of our sample development.

Thanks to the high level simulation than the system offers, we can check the fabrics designed by the computer to close to the reality, and that’s for us the main essential functionality. We used to make some prints for the customers, although at the end most of them prefer to check designs in fabric.

Another important key with the system is the ease to translate technical data to the ERP system, giving to the company compatibility with the other programs.

Crevin is a company who likes designing own yarns and fabrics, so with the same philosophy, Crevin likes adjust the softwares to they own needs, and that’s something that Infotex team allows us to do, having a constant contact and software improvement.


For many years already Jenny Fabrics AG uses the Penelope CAD-Software from Informàtica Tèxtil. 
By working with the program many significant advantages in the development of new designs could be emerged. Nowadays we can fall back on this system in 90% of our new developments. For this purpose the very realistic simulation options of the most various and complex fabric structures- and qualities help us to save a lot of time and costs, too. 

Our clients can rely with 100% on the presented simulation-sheets, which correspond exactly to the later produced fabric and that is why they already choose the required designs for their later collections from the paper-print. As an example can be named the shirt producer Eterna, located in the Bavarian region of Passau, who does the buying this way and thereby saves himself and us the time-intense work of planning, warp production, fabrication and finishing processes for fabric samples. 

Another advantage of the system is that it is completely compatible with our internal programs (e.g. DoWeave) and weaves drawn in the CAD-Software can smoothly be transferred to the corresponding machines. That is why Penelope CAD-Software became an extremely important integral part of our pattern definition and new fabric developments. 

(Markus Bernhardt, textile technician)




Albini Group, worldwide leader of excellence in the of shirt fabric production, has chosen several years ago to provide our design & creation department with an advanced and reliable CAD software: Penelope Dobby Pro, produced by Informatica Textil; as always producing fabrics of the highest level we had to adopt the same approach in terms of efficiency, quality and support during the search for the partner for the design department.

During these years, we have been able to appreciate the reliability of the product and quality of the online support service. The error issues have always been dealt properly, and with the support of our IT department resolved efficiently.

Due to continuous innovation presented in Penelope Dobby Pro we can serve our customers in the best way, thanks to Informatica Textil for their professionalism.



Caldes de Montbui

 Jaba Textil – Textil J.Balaguer is a Company founded in 1964, situated in Caldes de Montbui, Barcelona.

The Direction team and all the staff are very proud to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Company this year.
Our production is based in cotton and polyester cotton fabrics, which are mainly focused to produce fabrics for shirting.  
Important changes took place in 2001 in the production and design sections, due to the introduction of the Penelope Dobby CAD System. This has been a significant change in our way of working.
Nowadays we are able to make simulations for all new collections on the computer screen or by just printing before doing loom trials, so we considerably reduce the time and cost of our sample development.
The printed designs look almost real thanks to the brushed effect, 3D and other special effects.
Nowadays, the Penelope CAD System is essential for us and for our costumers.
It’s being used daily for new developments of different weaving patterns as well as the administration data.
We can show our customers the results of their exclusive designs, changing colours or just giving them a big variety of different ideas to make choices in a short period of time.
Through Penelope Reader we link the program with other software for making fabric orders, controlling production and the warehouse.

We are satisfied with the high quality and fast online help service the Infotex team is supplying to us. The efficiency and continuous software development and innovation helps us to improve, and we are confident enough to recommend this software partner to other companies who need a better service



La nostra ricerca di un partner affidabile al quale chiedere di assisterci durante la transizione dalla nostra vecchia piattaforma software CAD, oramai obsoleta ad una nuova soluzione moderna e aggiornata ci ha portati a scegliere Informatica Textil SL come nostro nuovo partner, partner che tra le altre cose ci ha fornito assistenza anche nella conversione delle vecchie librerie Sophis. La transizione dal nostro applicativo Sophis al nuovo Penelope è stata affrontata in maniera corretta e le problematiche sono state risolte appena si presentavano.

La qualità e le funzioni del nuovo ambiente CAD soddisfano pienamente le nostre alte esigenze e la pronta e veloce assistenza fornita dalla casa madre a Barcellona in lingua italiana ci fornisce sempre un valido aiuto in caso di necessità.



Grandi & Rubinelli

 Grandi and Rubinelli is one of the top quality producer of shirt fabrics 100% made in Italy available in the market, we have high quality collections and a first class exclusive service, produced with a high attention to our customers and their needs.

Since two years we have decided to use Penelope Dobby Pro for the design and the colorway creation of our collections and exclusives. Penelope is easy to use and with a user friendly interface we manage designs, blankets for exclusive designs, the study of new yarns, new articles, print technical sheets and presentation layouts for our commercial meetings.
Immediately we have appreciated the software speed, the quality of design and simulation printed and the availability of their on-line helpdesk always ready to answer our request and solve problems that may happen.
Penelope Dobby Pro is integrated with our ERP and the production machines increasing our efficiency in our daily job.
Informàtica Tèxtil | Pau Claris 162-164 6º 2ª 08037 Barcelona | T. +34 934 76 09 32 |