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Penelope®  ShowRoom is an application developed for the quick and easy creation of new colorways on your collection designs, which are saved in the original Penelope® database.

Penelope®  ShowRoom enables the company to create a separate published database, so

salesmen can actively work together with the client during the creation of new or exclusive colorways. This functionality is distributed in two linked applications: Penelope®  ShowRoom Manager and Penelope®  ShowRoom Client (for PC or iPad).



Penelope® ShowRoom Manager

Penelope® ShowRoom Manager controls the design database to be managed in every device (iPad or PC). It allows the selection of designs from the original database, manages the transfer of the databases to the devices and the synchronization of the newly generated colorways with the original Penelope® database. 

How does Penelope® ShowRoom Manager work?

It can create two types of publication, depending on the client device to be used: PC database or iPad databases. The main functions are the same in both cases but there are just a few differences to be considered.


Publishing on the PC

The user can include designs and presentation sheets in the database published for Penelope showroom client for PC. It is possible to simulate and print those published designs in the same way and with the same quality as it is usually done with Penelope Dobby or Jacquard.

 How does Penelope® Showroom for iPad work?

Using Penelope® Showroom for iPad gives the user high flexibility by showing the collections directly to the client, no matter when or where. There is no need to be connected to the internet and it can be synchronized with the original Penelope® database later on, after finishing the whole sales process.


Functions overview

Showing collections:

The designs are organized according to the filters defined by the user. For every design the user can visualize a label with all the relevant technical parameters.

Creating colorways:

Creating colorways is a very easy process. Just by clicking on the yarns to be changed, the correspondant yarn set opens on the left side and with a simple click on the desired color, the simulation is updated automatically.

Design history:

The user is able to control the design’s modifications by chosing the option LOG in the tool window. A notepad appears reporting the executed changes. This history can be sent by e-mail by clicking on the logo with the envelope. 




By chosing the option “upload changes”, all modifications are zipped and sent to Penelope Showroom Manager directly or via shared folder (e.g. dropbox). With Penelope® Showroom Manager the user can then synchronize, control and administrate the changes.  















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